Weiteres Interview mit Roman Hladik (Lead Artist)

Roman HladikWieder ein neues Interview. Heute mit Roman Hladik, dem Lead Artist von 2KCzech. Roman kennt ihr bereits. Denn er ist der Künstler hinter all denMafia 2 Artwork. Er plaudert in diesem Interview über seine Inspiration, sein Fabel für Frank Miller Comics, nackte Frauen und seine Pläne für die Zeit nach Mafia 2.

What were your inspirations when you started creating concepts for Mafia II?
I don`t remember exactly. It wasn`t just one thing. I like the era, design of fifties, old movies. So this all was inspiration. Based on this I made my own vision about Mafia2. Our game won`t be strictly realistic, we want to have strong atmosphere in it so we have to stylize rough facts. Work with them but distill only the important and interesting stuff of them.

Who are your favorite artists? Can be any type of artist…comic books, traditional painters…anything.

I like Frank Millers comic books. His drawings are really amazing and stories are dark romantic and breath-taking. Also I like impressionist paintings and one picture by Amadeo Modigliani, Sleeping nude.

When you’re not creating gangsters and mob boss characters for Mafia, what do you do in your spare time?

When I`m not creating gangsters… I draw naked women. Just for anatomy and drawing study of course. Or I go to pub. This is my the second most favorite activity. Drawing in a pub is fine too. ;-)

If you had to choose a character from any gangster movie, which character would you be?
Sin City isn`t gangster movie, but I like its dark atmosphere and I like Marv character. I don`t want be like him, but his is likable. If I think about the question I don`t want to be as any character of movies. I have my own life. I had never have an ideal or beau-ideal.

What will you do when you finish Mafia II?

I`ll take a long holiday. I have a dream few years already to ride Route 66 by motorcycle. Whole journey from Chicago to Los Angeles.

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