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Mafia II: Reminiscence of the Hype

So 20. Feb 2011, 21:33


Den Titel "Mafia II: Erinnerung an den Hype" trägt diese Mod zurecht, fügt sie doch einige Dinge hinzu und ändert einige Parameter dahingehend ab, dass sich Mafia II nun deutlich reifer und fertiger anfühlt.
This is a mod for Mafia II which adds a bit more realistic approach to the gameplay. That includes recoil from firearms as well as modified close combat and tweaked artificial intelligence.


- no health regeneration (HARD difficulty only)
- a bit more durable main character (but no Terminator), it is a must with no health regen
- better responses for getting hit by a car
- in cover, camera is close to the player, making peeking more harder
- damage camera effects amplified to compensate for lack of hit response animations
- revisited police offences system
- no screen fading filters until player is at the very edge of death
- more forgiving height damage for falling
- enemies drop less ammo (HARD difficulty only)
close combat
- a bit faster pace of brawling
- more cunning AI
- some extra anims, unused in retail (AI only ^_^)
- one extra feature which should have been in retail in the first place
firearms combat
- less spare ammunition (you have unlimited inventory, take advantage of it and equip yourself before a mission)
- damage revmap, grenade is now really grenade...apart from the fact I coudn't turn off friendly fire -_-
- accuracy revmap, small firearms are not sniper rifles, sniper rifles are now sniper rifles
- kickback revmap (beware of shotgun ^_^)
- revisited HankB fuel tank and gasoline station explosions;
- smarter AI
- all cars have minimal three tumblers now
- Derek now accepts more cars types (but still those cars have to look somewhat classy)
Easter eggs
- three of them, all can be experienced in a city when roaming in between missions

Installationsanleitung liegt bei!


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Re: Mafia II: Reminiscence of the Hype

Do 10. Nov 2011, 22:09

Wirklich eine tolle Mod.
Allerdings sollte die mal noch irgendwer überprüfen.
Diese Mod führt bei mir nach einer Weile zu ganz fürchtlichen Chrashes oO

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