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IGN UK: Mafia II „Best of gamescom“ & 2K Czech „Best Developer“

IGN Best of GC

Die Kollegen von IGN UK haben ihre Gewinner der gamescom 2009 bekannt gegeben.

In der Kategorie „Bestes PC Spiel“ gewann, wie kann es anders sein, Mafia II.
Nominiert waren: APB / Brink / Mafia II / Starcraft II / SW: TOR

Statement von IGN:

It takes a special game to oust the might of Blizzard’s collective efforts and Splash Damage’s mould-breaking Brink – yet Mafia II is very much that game. 2K Czech has wowed us before with its intricate rendition of post-war America and, already, we’ve seen a game that offers an unparalleled sense of time and place. In Cologne, Mafia II stunned with the depth of its open world and the possibilities within, flagging up Mafia II as one of 2010’s potential highlights.

Außerdem gewann 2K Czech die Kategorie „Bester Entwickler“.
Nominiert waren: Blizzard Entertainment / FreeStyleGames / Realtime Worlds / 2K Czech / Splash Damage

Statement von IGN:

Being stablemates with Rockstar, the acknowledged kings of the open world, can’t be an easy task – especially when your game treads so much of the same ground as the colossal Grand Theft Auto IV. However, by seemingly delivering a title that’s so wonderfully steeped in its period setting and one that’s got unique appeal in its depiction of an America long lost, 2K Czech has proven that Mafia II can survive direct comparison to its contemporary kin. What’s more, if the game can maintain the spark it showed in Cologne, it may even eclipse it.

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