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Kurzes Interview mit Lukas Berka (AI Developement Manager)

Lukas BerkaEin weiteres Interview ist bei DeLucas Restaurant online gegangen. Lukas überwacht die Entwicklung der künstlichen Intelligenz. Hoffen wir, dass er seinen Job gut macht – schließlich war gerade die KI der größte Kritikpunkt an Mafia 1.

What is your role on the Mafia II team?
I am responsible for all AI features to be completed in the proper quality and proper time. This is a good manager-answer, right?

What is your most favorite thing about your job?
It’s great when a person can see how a game gets created from the very beginning and even better is if a person can contribute with his own ideas or feedback. I am really glad that I can be part of this project with all these great people.

What is your least favorite thing about your job?
Maybe waking up in the morning (I find waking up before 9am rather weird) or the coffee machine that sometimes forgets to return the coins properly.

What types of music do you listen to?

I listen to good music but sometimes also to a worse one, so that after that I can like the good one even more. Although there was this one time when I listened to Britney Spears and since then I like generally anything.

Any hobbies? … girls…cars…toy collecting…comics?
I do collect toy figures of girls in cars or something like that.

What is your favorite game?
All right, it is Mafia II. Other than that its DoTa (Defense of the Ancients – mod W3 ), there is nothing like a little ownage after the work.